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NEW 2020 Review Wealthy Affiliate: You Are To Become A Creator! A Competitive Mind vs A Creative Mind

To Experience Real Online Business Success, You Must First Get Rid Of  The Thought Of Competition!

Wallace Wattles, author of The Science Of Getting Rich states, ” You must get rid of the thought of competition. You are to create, not compete for what is already created.”

To the uninitiated, the competitive mind vs the creative mind would appear to be a controversial subject. I state this because most people would probably argue that,”It really depends on your hereditary genes or maybe on your environmental, cultural values.” To this reply, I might agree. However, I come to believe that the differentiates the competitive and creative minds might stems from the choices made by each individual .

We can either choose to be competitive minded or we can choose to be creative minded. Either way, the choice is ours. The fact is, we're the only BEINGS; on earth, that has full utility of our mental faculties. The Will or discrimination of choice being one.

“Competitive Mindedness” The Toxic Fuel Of Our Economy?

Is competitive mindedness the fuel of our country? My answer was a resounding, YES. However, as I continued to read further into, “The Science Of Getting Rich”, my answer change dramatically, as I paused and completed reading Wattles' statement, ” You must get rid of the thought of competition.” I was befuddled. I've been very competitive since I was a child. What does he mean? It's been my belief that competitive mindedness, in the United States, was the fuel that mobilized our economy.

We are, by nature, a competitive country, or so I thought. We taught in school to be competitive in sports, to compete for best grades, to compete at work for the best pay and most prestigious positions, as children; at home, we'll even compete for the remote control. LOL, you know what I mean, we're competitive in nature.

You Are Only To Become A Creator!

Wallace Wattle goes on to say, “You are to become a creator, not a competitor; you are going to get what you want, but in such a way that when you get it every other man will have more than he has now.” The competitive mindset is known as the SCARCITY MENTALITY. The creative mindset is known as the ABUNDANCE MENTALITY.

Let's delve a little into these two mindset. The scarcity mindset believes that resources are scarce, times are tough and that there must be winners and losers. Which is the contrast of the abundance mindset. Most people with the scarcity mindset will always think or ask the question “What's in it for me?” When we view our world through the visual modality of scarcity, we plant the seeds of a superiority complex, we become arrogant and jealous to name a few toxic characteristics. Hence, when we make decisions coming from this perspective, chances are it will be the wrong decision.

I'll touch on why I was competitive minded from the start, poverty. I was raised in a low income neighborhood where not having much was the norm. I'm speaking of the days when, in most poverty-stricken neighborhoods, food stamps were considered a hot commodity.

The days when, as a 9 -10 year old boy; you received a second-hand pair of $3.00 sneakers with holes in them; that your mom thought were good enough for you to wear to Sunday church services. You get the picture. I was conditioned, as a boy, with a scarcity mentality. In my mind, I believed we were always lacking something and everybody else had more. Become A Creator! >>>Join Now!<<<

The Scarcity Mentality

As a boy, I didn't understand the social systems of those days. However, I did understand how I felt towards our living situation. So, I started asking questions to my older brother whom I looked to as an authority. I would ask him questions like, “Why did we always have to walk to where we went? Why we don't have a car? Why do we always have to ask our grandparents for help with food or the lights?”

He would answer my questions in a way that only a big brother would. His response to my inquisition was,”Stop asking so many questions before mom slap us” I'd get scared, because I knew she would do it, fast. My brother knew how to shut my mouth without offending me. Once he made that statement, it worked, I'd stop asking questions.

I can recall our living conditions back in those days. We were living in one of the poorest, worst, neighborhoods in the city. The apartment was a very small, Roche and rat infested, two bedroom dump, but; my mom would say,”It's not the best, but, the rent was cheap.”

Thus, It's my belief, that there is a culmination of factors to consider when making an analysis of someone with a scarcity mentality. For instance:  the era, or living in a hostile environment, or hereditary traits such as paradigms from older family members.

My point is this, a scarcity mentality leads to a natural distrust and inherent competition towards life's interactions and opportunities. Therefore, minimizing your creative processes and commuting you to be a close-minded individual. What then will be the destiny of anyone with a scarcity mentality? >>>READ MORE<<<

The Abundance Mentality

Contrary to the Scarcity Mentality, the individuals with the ABUNDANCE MENTALITY believes there's always more than enough to go around. Their very conscientious of the fact that we live in a world of abundance. That when the world was created, in its infancy, our kind creator was gracious and generous when designing the “Stuff” HE knew we would  need to live a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle.

We have been Blessed with an ample and abundant supply of EVERYTHING we need. Meditate on that thought for a moment, “An abundant supply of EVERYTHING!” All Creative individuals are productive in nature. Creative business people only offer products and services to their customers that will give their customers a greater USE VALUE.

In other words, these individuals or business owners offer their products at a fair market value to their customers. In return, the product they sell will always be much less in cost than the use value that their customers will experience and enjoy with the product. Individuals with the abundance mentality focuses on Growth, Expansion, and Increase for all. These Creative Thinkers are the problem solvers of the world.

These individual business owners or entrepreneurs do not entertain the scarcity or “What's in it for me!” mentality. Rather their focus in more towards the needs of their customers, the needs of their employees and building or cultivating long-term, harmonious relationships. Our community of wealthy affiliate embrace the characteristics of the abundant mentality. In my opinion, If you want your life to have significant value, then you must focus ALL your mental energy on SIGNIFICANT activities. >>>Join our community today!<<<  Start creating  the life of abundance you really desire!

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