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NEW 2020 Review-Scam & First Impression Of John Crestani’s 6-Week Super Affiliate System Pro?

Today I'm writing a New review about the 6-Week Super Affiliate System Pro  Marketing program created by an Internet marketer name John Crestani. John Crestani is an internationally known expert in the field of Internet marketing. He has create a system for the beginner affiliate marketers that are serious about the business and wants real income and real results in the online space.

 John Crestani Building An Empire

My first impression when I watched John Crestani's YouTube channel was to turn it off, but I didn't do that because he said something that grabbed my attention; so, I continued to watch. Then I continued to watch and came to a conclusion that he is real and believable.

I wanted to know WHY he did marketing online. I was very impressed when I heard his pedigree. John Crestani acclaims he is a self-made multimillionaire. He's currently residing in Malibu, California. He has a passion, he plaudits, for helping the beginners in the affiliate marketing online space.

John Crestani built up his marketing business from zero to around $5 Million within a few years. Crestani creates new videos that he uses to inspire and encourages the members in his audience. In his videos, he would showcase various vacation destinations that he and his wife have recently visited, or he'd showcase his exotic Lamborghini, and other luxury items he's acquired.

John Crestani started in the Internet marketing space in 2011. He tried his hand at making money online with a number of different endeavors. Within two years, as evidence of his success, he accumulates a small fortune of around $100,000. That small spark of online success had inspired John to continue and create an empire worth nearly $5 million by 2016.

Crestani Reaches Financial Freedom

He has reached a successful plateau of financial freedom in his life and is able to live his life on his terms. This is the true meaning of Financial Freedom. When your income reaches $5 Million dollars or more you can live where you want, go where you want , with whomever you want.

Thus, In my opinion, the evidence is quite clear. First, he decide what you wanted to do. Second, he did what he have to do. Finally, when he completed the work his rewards then followed.

The Super Affiliate System, in my opinion, is a great opportunity for the beginners who are starting out in the online marketing space. Another great benefit of working with John Crestani is that he will save you years of  time, headaches, and frustration.

When The Student Is Ready, The Teacher Will Appear. 

John Crestani now teaches he method to other marketers for a comparably low fee. His successful training method has helped thousands of individual affiliate marketers to reach their financial dreams. His training system is for the serious affiliate who really wants to shine.

People who really has a desire to succeed and to make real money online. John, in my opinion,  has a real passion to help the beginner to create a successful online business. Below is my review and ratings on the 6-Week Super Affiliate System Pro created by John Crestani:

My Review Of John Crestani's Super Affiliate System: 

Name: 6-Week Super Affiliate System Pro
Price: $997.00
Owners: John Crestani
Overall Rank: 5.0 out of 5.0

6-Week Super Affiliate System Pro A Product Overview

The 6-Week Super Affiliate System Pro is a detailed, easy to follow training course designed to help you become a successful affiliate marketer. This 6 weeks training program will equip you with little known secrets about affiliate marketing to help you stand from the rest. It decent course was known as internet jet set that teaches people how to get started with affiliate marketing.

This program has been around since 2015 but the just released 2019 version has a wide array of amazing features that will help you >>Become A Super Affiliate<<< and earn good money in the process. READ MORE

The Good:

The Good & the Bad 
PRO #1 It's detailed but very easy to follow.
PRO #2 Has been created a real affiliate guru whose concern are for the beginner.
PRO #3 Many positive reviews and testimonials.

The Bad: 
CON #1 Too many spelling errors on his write up page.

Who Is The 6-Week Super Affiliate System Pro For? 
This program has been created by one of the best in the industry. He has shared the exact same tips that he used to become a successful affiliate guru. This means that when you sign up for this training, then you will learn the best tricks from one of the most respected affiliate marketers. This program is also Suitable For New Beginners and very easy to understand.

6-Week Super Affiliate System Pro Offers A Sophisticated Training Method.

6 weeks training program. You will learn the secrets that only the best most successful affiliate marketers know, but, are not willing to share.

  • Week one: how to get everything set up
  • Week two: Niche research, mindset, intent, and networks
  • Week three: copy writing skills
  • Week four: good and Facebook ads
  • Week five: Native ads and YouTube
  • Week six: Scaling and automation
  • Week seven: Bing, Taboola ads and LinkedIn

6-Week Super Affiliate System Pro Support

The support offered with the product. Is there a community, forum, personal support, do the owners support it.

The 6-Week Super Affiliate System Pro Price

Generous pricing structure for the more serious affiliate marketers. Normal price was $1,997, But, now you can buy it at a lower price point of $997 (saves $1,000).

My Final Opinion about the 6-Week Super Affiliate System Pro
I was very impressed with John Crestani when I watched his first YouTube video. In my opinion, he sounded genuine, honest, trustworthy, and helpful to the beginners. I really wish there was a person like John around when I started out in the online space. In my opinion, having a marketing guru like John starting as a beginner is a must!

6-Week Super Affiliate System Pro at a Glance…
Owners: John Crestani
Price: was $1,997 NOW $997
Overall Scam Rank: 0 out of 100


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  1. Hello Frank, it looks like John Crestani is quite successful and is offering some good training.

    I’m sure with all this pandemic after-effect stuff going on, there’s more and more people looking for ways to create an online income, and more and more people considering affiliate marketing.

    I wish you great success in your online work and thanks for sharing some informative information about John Creastani. Best regards,


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