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Why I Created The BuildingTrueWealth Website

WELCOME and Thank you for visiting our website BuildingTrueWealth.

My name is Frank Gates and the purpose of creating the BuildingTrueWealth website is to be able to reach ONE Million people who are tired of beng poor and working dead end jobs. This website, BuildingTrueWealth, offers all visitors, young and older, real value. Our community is helping people to realize and create extraordinary successful online businesses.

I know how it feels to be struggling, suffering, lacking, and working a dead end job. I've bee doing it for the past 10 years. If you don't change, NOTHING will change for you. I've always known there was better away to create a Viable, Scalable, Successful Online Business that will give me the lifestyle I truly desire.

If it's your desire to create a lifestyle of freedom; to do what you want, when you want, and with whomever you want, your at the right website. Therefore, it's safe to say you're here today because we have similar desires. This website, BuildingTrueWealth, will SHOW YOUstep-by-step; How to build a Viable, Scalable, and a REAL Successful Online Business that gets >>REAL RESULTS<<Click Here.

I started my journey into the online space about 10 years ago. I didn't have the knowledge, skills, abilities or resources to get myself started. However, I did have a DESIRE and I desperately wanted to change and quit my dead end job.

During this time, I felt there was no way out! To make matters worst, I would have anxiety attacks when it came time to take action. Mentally, I've quit my job at least a thousand times. I've even rehearsed, at least a thousand times, what I'd say to that (%^) manager.

He, the manager, knew I wanted to quit and it appeared that he knew I didn't have the courage to do so. The reality was I had No knowledge, No resources, No money, No relatives or friends with money that I could turn to. I had no where to go. Then I recalled what Earl Nightingale said in one of his motivation recordings.

He repeated over and over that, “The Only Thing that Can Take You From Where You Are, To Where You Really Want To Be Is…..Your Mind!” Therefore, I have a reliable resource, it's my mind. My creative juices were beginning to take momentum and flow. However, I ran into a huge obstacle. My old ways of thinking, my scarcity mentality, which are my paradigms and terror barriers.

What Are Terror Barriers?

My online associates knew that it was my dream to be able to create the lifestyle I desired and quit depending on a pay check. They would send me emails that would introduce me to some really fabulous ideologies and concepts that could help change my life. I felt that I would still be trading my time for money, so, I wouldn't take action.

A terror barrier is governed by your paradigms. Your Paradigms are created either through hereditary, environmental or both. Either way, it's like running into an invisible wall that you create and are not aware that it exist. Either way, it keeps you from being progressive.

My terror barrier has, subconsciously, kept me working in a dead end job for nearly (10) ten years! I desperately wanted to change, but, I didn't know how or where to start. Bob Proctor avers, “When you change, everything will change for you.”

One day an online associate of mine sent me a link to a platform called Wealthy Affiliates. I said sarcastically,”WOW, another great idea!” However, I noticed this time he didn't go into many details.

His email simply stated,”You're really going to like this. It's really changing my life! Check it out for yourself. It has ALL the criterion you told me you've been searching for. Your search is over! Let me know your thoughts. Thanks”, this tweaked my interest.

My Online Business Model Must Haves!!

Below is my list of criterion that an Online Business Model must have to be considered. A great business model will meet these Five (5) criterion:

1) It must have a High Income Potential that pays a >>RECURRING COMMISSION.<<Click Here

2) It must offer me Freedom of Time.

3) The Product or Service has to give Value to the customers and be a Good Consumable Item.

4) The Platform has to be ViableSustainable, and Scalable on a Global Level.

5) The Business Model must be mobile and offer me the benefits of being Click Here>>Self-Employed ANYWHERE<< I choose to work.

I Have A Passion For Helping The Beginners.

My objective for creating the BuildingTrueWealth website is to help the beginners to save time and frustration and offer them an escape route or Freedom from they dead end JOBS. I want beginners to understand that we, in the Wealthy Affiliate Community, will SHOW them how to build a real Successful Online Businesses that gets Real Results.  I want to help the beginners to avoid the fake gurus and scam artists out there waiting to rip them off.

The Wealthy Affiliate founders will SHOW the beginners the right way to build a successful online business and; with that, all that it is possible to change their lives. It's free to join our community. >>>Click To Join FREE Today<<<


My objective for creating the BuildingTrueWealth website is to help people save time and create their dream lifestyle. I want to inspire people to take charge of their own destiny. I want help people to feel good about the changes they've made and to start enjoy their Freedom from their dead-end jobs.

I want to help people to believe and truly understand that our community at Wealthy Affiliates will SHOW them how to build a Real Successful Online Businesses. I want to help people to get life Real Life Changing Results. I want to help people to avoid the internet thieves, scam artists, and the so-called gurus out there lurking and waiting to rip them off.

I want to SHOW my visitors that this is a Real Community with Real People from all walks of life. Our community truly cares about the your success. We're Real people that will gladly assist on your journey in making Your Dream Life A Reality.

MY GOAL FOR THE WEBSITE “BuildingTrueWealth”

You Can't help the POOR, Being POOR Yourself!

The goal of this website is to reach out to ONE MILLION People. The purpose of this website is to give my visitors (Beginners in the online space) valuable content that will help them to save time, energy, frustration and money to their journey of Creating their lifestyle and Building True Wealth.

If anyone visiting this website needs a hand or have any questions, Please feel free to leave your comments below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

To Your Success,

Frank Gates

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