EMPIRE NEW (Really HOT!) 2020 Review: Is EMPIRE’s FREE Traffic Method A Scam?

EMPIRE Free Traffic method is AMAZING! I really don't say this about too much traffic generating systems in the online space, unless I can prove their value. It's quite actually new and I think everyone will like it. I've tried a few methods to generate traffic with no success. After studying Fergal's course, I started doing what he suggested. I actually seen some results. Guys, I'm on to something huge!

To me, it appears that Empire Free Traffic is a foolproof way to start seeing results quickly even if you're not tech savvy or computer illiterate. I started a few other endeavors and stop working on them because acquiring a traffic source has been a problem. Now, with this New EMPIRE Free Traffic system I CAN finally start focusing my attention on my other projects. I feel like I have a sense of structured and can integrate a step-by-step plan for making affiliate marketing commissions online!

We all know that using paid traffic can be extremely expensive and a waste of time. We also know that any online business owner lacking traffic will fail. Here's the good news, this is a new and unusual method for getting UNLIMITED traffic to any website which will bring you in a flood of sales. Anyone, young or older, can use this method to build themselves a successful online business, starting NOW. According to Fergal, whose students are getting great results, this method is scalabe and could start bringing in a flood of sales and commissions.

If you're like me, tired of working hard for pennies; trading time for money, it ends now. Start building your engagement, likes, and email list Fergal's way today. Below is a list of Fergal Downes' benefits and guarantees:

  • No Google, Facebook or Bing Ads
  • No Creating Videos
  • Newbie-friendly method
  • Works for anyone, period
  • Unlimited FREE Traffic System
  • $128+ per day formula
  • 60-day money back guarantee Get results with this or
  • we will give you 100% of your money back inside the next 60 days

2020 Review EMPIRE Free Traffic Method

Name: EMPIRE Free Traffic

Website: http://fergalscoaching.com


Price: 14 days @ $2.00, then $37.00/month

Owners: Fergal Downes

Overall Rank: 93 out of 100

EMPIRE Free Traffic Course Product Overview

This course teaches and demonstrates to the student various

techniques and strategies on how to make $128.00 plus per day

with free traffic for $2.00. Fergal Downes, the owner, shows each

student how to build their email list, how to create a FB account,

how to join a FB group, which FaceBook groups he HIGHLY

recommends you join, how to create posts that go viral

increasing your FB engagements, and how to increase the likes

on your pages.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

PRO #1 It works well

PRO #2 Start seeing results Fast

PRO #3 Scale up as much as you want

The Bad:

CON #1 No Affiliate promotional materials

CON #2 New online course

Who is EMPIRE Free Traffic For?

This system is for EVERYONE that has an online business,

that wants to increase their engagements, their social likes,

and their email list. This is a MUST HAVE resource for ALL

entrepreneurs and anyone in business can benefit from this product.

Tools & Training

One of the requirements of signing up you must join his FB group a pay the

$2.00 to enter into the platform. There you will tart learning from the

first module that has 12-13 lessons. Be ready to be amazed!

EMPIRE Free Traffic Support

Fergal Downes personally trains the student himself and offers a 60-day money back guarantee.

The owner has a following of 3k-4k members if his FB community forum.

Fergal Downes can be contacted at fergalscoaching.com anytime.

He is one of the owners and he supports the EMPIRE Free Traffic 100%.

EMPIRE Free Traffic Price

The owner Fergal Downes gives the new members a 14-day free trial for $2.00.

If after the 14-day trial, the new member wants to continue on they pay a

membership fee of $37.00 a month.

My Final Opinion of EMPIRE Free Traffic

In my opinion, this is a no brainer for any online business owner that really wants

online success. The product EMPIRE Free Traffic is an online course that trains

the student how and where to get FREE TRAFFIC. Think in these terms, I'm

operating an online business. If I want to do an online business, I need lots of traffic!

Without which my business with soon terminate as will my dreams.

EMPIRE Free Traffic at a Glance:

Name: EMPIRE Free Traffic

Website: http://fergalscoaching.com

Owners: Fergal Downes

Price: 14 day trial $2.00

Overall Scam Rank: 93 out of 100


In my opinion, EMPIRE Free Traffic is offering the beginners a valuable resource. Having a good traffic source is vital to the survival of your online business. Without traffic, you're not in business. The owner, Fergal Downes of EMPIRE Free Traffic, SHOWS his students HOW and WHERE to get Free Traffic anytime they want. It's a great value for ANYONE does business online.

12 thoughts on “EMPIRE NEW (Really HOT!) 2020 Review: Is EMPIRE’s FREE Traffic Method A Scam?”

  1. I am glad that someone reciprocates my thoughts. The method#1 is a different approach for free FB traffic that I never thought of even after using FB for more than 12 years now. $2 is money well spent to learn this method.

    • Hi Prav,
      Thanks for your comment. I agree that the $2.00 is money well spent. I use this method for two reasons. 1) I don’t have money to spend on paid ads, and 2) I’ve had success with this method, it really works! Please click on my link it will help. 🙂

      To Your Success,

  2. Hey mate! Thanks for sharing this awesome review. I’m going to check out Empire because I’m always on the hunt for the new traffic methods and this one seems legitimate. I like the lack of hype and unrealistic claims. Thanks!

    • Hi Ivanbroza,
      I really want to first give a shout out to Ivanbroza for a superior comment that he made on my review for EMPIRE Traffic Method.


      To Your Success,

  3. Hi Ivan,
    I really want to thank you for pointing out my content title cross writings. Thanks for your comment. I agree that the $2.00 investment for FREE Traffic is money well spent. I’m using the EMPIRE method for two reasons. 1) I don’t have money to spend for paid ads, and 2) I’ve had success with this method, it really works! Please use my link when you start, we need all the help. 🙂

    P.S. I gave you a BIG shout out in the community forum. Thanks Ivan

    To Your Success,

  4. This seems to be a fantastic method to get free and organic traffic to your website, which we all as affiliate marketers want! I loved the read and gained so much informed about this platform. It seems to be effective, plus it’s not too expensive.

    I will definitely look into it.

    Thank you for sharing your valuable information with us.

    • Hi Habib and Rani,
      Thank you for your thoughtful comment on my review on EMPIRE’s Free Traffic Method.
      I’ve invested in the method to write a good review and to see if it really will works. It really works and I have increased my email list exponentially! Please give me the referral credit when you decide to move forward. Tell all of your visitors about this fantastic $2.00 method. They’ll love you for helping them with a marketer’s nightmare (Traffic). I wish you both all the best.

  5. Hi Frank!
    Thank you very much for this information! I’m new at Affiliate Marketing and just started my website a month ago, but I defenitely will keep in mind this information and maybe try it later.

    I wish you all the best,

    • Hi Alex,
      Thank you for your comment it means the world to me. We’re all here learning how to build a successful online business. However, you can have the best website in the world, but, if no one sees it (Traffic) you have a nice website (for yourself). I’ve tried the method and it works. My email list has grown exponentially. I thought EMPIRE FREE Traffic Method would be an excellent resource to have in our arsenal of software tools. Please, Remember me should you move forward with the method. Thank you. Massive Action, Creates Massive Success!

  6. Hi Frank,
    What a thorough and helpful review of Empire’s Free Traffic Method.
    I heard about this method on Facebook a while ago and I decided to check out other people’s thoughts first.

    Thank God I landed on your website because this is the kind of review I was looking for,
    A review from someone who actually uses the product and will express his honest opinion about it.

    Your honest review wiped away my doubts and now I want to use this Free Traffic method, too.

  7. Thanks for this awesome review!
    I’ve been working actively in the affiliate marketing industry for some time now, and it’s always refreshing to hear a positive review on a training program.
    I’ve heard of Fergal many times, and have reviewed some of his products. He also works closely with Aiden Cockery who is another successful marketer.
    I’ve heard mention “Empire” and I’m glad it’s a good one. Might have to look into this myself, lol.
    If and when I do, I’ll be sure to use your link.


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