Wealthy Affiliate 2020 New Review: A GOOD Character Is NOT A Thing Of Chance!

ACT The Part!

Earl Nightingale, the Dean of Motivational speaking avers, “Begin to ACT the part of the person you wish to become.” Why should a person ACT the part? What significance does that have on a persons life? “Acting the part of the person you wish to become” is a profound statement. Why? Because it induces one to participate in a higher level of mental activity. It also entices one to manipulate their thinking in order to emulate the person they wish to become.

If I, for example, aspire to emulate the grace and poise of one of our past president, say John f. Kennedy; what would it take to achieve this monumental task? Or, better still, if I chose to emulate Tony Robbins, Bob Proctor, or Napoleon Hill author of “Think and Grow Rich” or any of our country's thought leaders; What am I willing to change? Change, it's said, causes stress and 9 people out of 10 refuse to make a few simple adjustments that will, over time,  help them to better their lifestyles.

It's been scientifically proven that, if a person >>>CHANGES THE CAUSE<<< (their thinking), that this person will have the ability to change the EFFECTS (their lifestyle). Which brings me to a point; it was suggested to me some years ago that, “If you want your life to have Significant Meaning; you must focus ALL your ATTENTION on SIGNIFICANT ACTIVITIES.”

Which leads me to where I am today. I've proudly joined the Wealthy Affiliate Community because I felt that what the founders, Kyle and Carson, have done and are doing for the WA community members is so significant. Becoming a member of WA not only gives me pride, the platform is a creative's paradise.

Our leaders, Kyle and Carson, has provided the members of WA community with the best technology driven platform, excellent behind the scene sophisticated training, and some awesome plugins and the best practice software services in the world. Our software tools are the bloodline and success of building our online businesses. Members of the WA community enjoy a great use value from these products and services for pennies on the dollar.

The founders of WA, in my opinion, have leveled the playing field and has given the members of WA a huge competitive edge in the online space. Not only does being a premium member of the Wealthy Affiliate Community has great benefits; It makes me feel like I'm a part of something greater than myself. To me, the WA community; is an environment that extends my chances to stimulate my growth and development. The community, as a whole, has significantly change my coarse of attention and interest.

My involvement in this community, I believe, has inspired me to make some viable lifestyle changes in my life. The Wealthy Affiliate Community broadens the opportunity , futuristically, of their members to “act the part of the person they wish to become.” It is a marvelous feeling to know that, with efficient mental work, you can really change and improve you lifestyle in the near distance future. >>READ MORE CLICK HERE<<

The value of the platform software and the significant activities you'll be engage in at Wealthy Affiliate such as >>Building A Successful Online Business<< is quite astounding. My suggestion to you is to first do your own research, as have I, and prove to me that you can find what we offer here anywhere else and I'll be quite from now on. If what I've written, thus far, turns out to NOT be true you lose nothing.

However, if what I stated above about the benefits of WA come out to be true and you decide it's true, I expect first for you to join and second I'll be waiting for an email from you telling me how awesome the platform and services are. Therefore you have a choice, 1) Continue doing what you're doing now and getting nowhere. or 2) Start working on the causes that will help you create the lifestyle you really want.

The true of the matter is this; Whether you're working for yourself or for someone else, either way a year will pass. Winston Churchill aforesaid, “We make a living by what we get; we make a life by what we GIVE.” The choice is A) you can continue to give your time to your boss's family making them rich and giving them a fantastic lifestyle. B) You can GIVE your time to something with significance that will change you family's life forever. 

Imagine Building A Successful Online Business for YOU and your family that pays you every month, over and over and over for life. Start building true wealth today! Your character is NOT a thing of chance. Neither should your standard of living be…a thing of chance.

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