2020 New Wealthy Affiliate Review: The beginning of a NEW thing is always the hardest.

The Beginning Of A NEW Thing

The beginning of a NEW thing is always the hardest. Why? Well, it might be because of the attitude that you may have about doing the thing in the first place. Then, it might be because you may not have the necessary skills to complete the task. It may also be something entirely new, something that has a learning curve, and you know nothing about.

Welcome to the life of successful living! Become a well >>Trained Digital Entrepreneur<<. A huge part of being an efficient Digital Entrepreneur or your own Boss is having an open mind and being receptive to new ideas and innovation.  Your willingness to learn and acquire new skills can be one of your greatest assets and will be one of your many challenges.

The digital entrepreneur is the Architect and everything starts with him strategically planning and visualizing the “Big-Picture” of his company and the products and services he will provide to his customers. He's also responsible for the Planning and budgeting of the resources at his disposal. He must chose wisely the necessary tools and services needed to operate the business efficiently. >>READ MY REVIEW<<  

The Creative Thinking Digital Entrepreneur 

The creative thinking Entrepreneurs sees and sets the vision. To this person it’s like the beginning of a new romance. You remember when you first fell in love how wonderful everything around you seem to be? That new love, romance experience, was so euphoric that it will last the average person a life time.

The same level of energy that you had expended back then from your first romance; is the same level of energy that the digital entrepreneur expends and experiences when starting his new enterprise. He creates and sets the cultural values for beginning of his enterprise around his big and daring goals. His enthusiasm is quite contagious and everyone in his network is infected by his enthusiasm.

A Great Storyteller 

A Digital Entrepreneur is a great storyteller. However, most of his storytelling is focused on the vision of his enterprise. He's always speaking to an audience or his colleagues, people whom he believes; believes what he believes, about futuristic vision of the company. He inspires their cooperation by including them in his vision and explaining to them what their role will be in growth and expansion portion of the plan.

He's quite excellent at explaining his vision in a storytelling format and; by doing so, he's selling the story of his vision to his listening audience. The Digital Entrepreneur believes there's always enough to go around. He focuses on the growth and expansion of the company and he always uses statistical facts to support the theory of direction the plans will go.

In demonstrating his keen insight, he focuses in on how his strategical plans will meet the company's objectives. Everyone is excited because during his presentation they were all included. He has a positive mental attitude and the bases of his focus is on building great relationships with his customers, vendors, business contacts, employees, and stakeholders.

He believes that in every transaction he should give to ever person MORE in USE VALUE than he takes from them in cash Value. He understands that by complying with this law he is adding value to the employees and his stakeholders by every transaction. >>WHY I JOINED<<  

The Self-Disciplinarian Practices Delayed Gratification

The ability to delay gratification is essential to self-regulation or self-control. In the beginning of a NEW thing it's relatively difficult to delay your gratification command self-control. Resisting an impulse to take an immediate reward is tempting.

To demonstrate the rewards of delayed gratification, the American psychologist Walter Mischel  and his colleagues designed “the marshmallow test” and conducted their research on children ages 4 years old at the time of the study. They concluded that “Children who were best able to wait in that situation when they were 4 years old were more socially and academically successful as high-school students and earned higher Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) scores.”

Another study conducted by the psychologist Edelgard Wulfert and her colleagues revealed that “Middle and high-school students who can wait a week for a monetary reward earned higher grades, showed less problem behavior in school, and are less likely to use cigarettes, alcohol, and other drugs than peers who choose not to wait.”

What is the point? The point is you or I will NEVER succeed in any business endeavor if we don't PRACTICE delayed gratification. Whenever I hear of a successful business going out of business, I know the CAUSE. Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, most of the time when a successful business goes out of service its because of one of two main reasons:

1) The deterioration of most successful companies starts from the Top management on down. The owners had either a laissez-faire  management style and didn't they practice delayed gratification on themselves or with their staff

2) The owner(s) did not have a strategic business plan, or if they did, they didn't practice delayed gratification. Here's the conclusion of the matter. There is no overnight wealth creating formula in the world.

Anyone, other then a lottery winner, that claims there is, is not telling you the whole story and it would be wise of you to move on. However, because of the Internet and technology people have learnt how to integrate Technology, Business, and society to create their own wealth creating societies. I believe I found one of these wonderful communities and I feel blessed. >>JOIN TODAY!<<  

There is a place where you can network with ral people that wants to pull back the veil of secrecy on the Internet world of online business. Would you like to join a community where they will SHOW you HOW to build a real successful online business? A community where self-control and delayed gratification is the norm! A community where you create sustainable wealth!

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